College Trip And Traveling Bag

When I think of College; I associate it with a stepping stone, or a stair on an up and moving ramp. This truly is upscale movement. High school, that was the last step I took since college, each grade like an elevator was quick, as well as easy. I think of college as something altogether different. The last few years are a mole hill compared to the endless length of college, and university.  When I arrived here in Pennsylvania, I came by truck and with my luggage set. I traveled further than most to go to college out of state. I came here with all the things I could pack into luggage and got rid of the rest, I really had to travel and sacrifice much to get to where I am in University right now. I traded a life in a small town for one now in a small city. This was the largest step I have taken in getting to a place to advance my intellectual career. The truck took about three to four days to get me here; we traveled from the state of Texas, all the way to Crystal Spring, Pennsylvania, which is in the southernmost part of the state. I have been in the state for 7 months, I arrived in the middle of spring, I believe at the end of March. It has been a long stay, but I know that I am preparing myself for that of getting into the University Of Pennsylvania at Altoona at the beginning of the year. This makes me begin on the thought of how important travel is needed for so many students that need to travel such far distances away from their place of home to venture on to better pastures, or more so required pastures to get into places for their universities.

Giving up the old, and gaining the new is one of the most frightening feelings one can have as they go through anything in life, but especially when one is constantly in one state and suddenly without warning is suddenly shifted into another but, one would know that this is one of the greatest feelings when it is mastered and taken to make oneself better. When one takes this under their wings, they can finish it, face it forward and keep going until it is done.

Once a wise man said “The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step.” this goes very well with the theme of travel as students go from a small child at the ripe age of five or six, and then go all the way until eighteen, some even go until the end of their adulthood being almost in their eighties or so. One goes to college many a day by car, but the daily grind can be harsh on the average student. This day to day, is what really gets to individual, but as in the aforementioned strengths one can gain from being able to push forward in being in and unusual situation, a travel is not only that of the actually getting on a plane, or bus, or any such vehicle that would take you to a new place, it is that of the mental, and the physical.

One becomes an utterly different individual, as they take a personal journey. One must be able to head into oneself as they continue to better themselves. This continues on as not only that as one you go to a university to learn, but an education that is not only made of self-understanding, but as well as self-discovery, one delves into their own ideas, shifting through them as they go to find what makes them as themselves, but as well as what is said by their parents, others they know, and the environment around them such as teachers or even that of politicians. After this is taken care of, they utterly know themselves, they are fully made into what they are ready to become.check made luggage

The simple fact is that it takes much of a journey to get to college, not only that of physical travelling, but that made of a journey of the self with our high quality bags, one travels on an airplane going hundreds of miles away from their home country in order to better their own education. This truly is an amazing time to exist, as once many ages ago; extreme miles of travel were not possible. Time again in the future that planes will be outdated, we may end up even being able to use something such as instant transmission allowing ourselves to travel to enter universities in the planets in our galaxy, now to get back to realistic themes, the basic travel of even the most basic Grad Student, has them spend most of their days travelling from their business that they have an internship in, spending some more of their time eventually getting to their first class in the afternoon, staying at that university until the late hours of the night, travelling room to room, writing and grading papers for the professor that they are trying to have their own papers graded for, and to get their work signed off on so they can continue on for a peer review, eventually at around one or two in the early morning returning to their home to take the short, albeit needed and deserved rest that they need to enter into the busy world once again in the early morning to return to that hard pressed internship for the firm that specializes in their major.

Travel is truly something special, it benefits not only that of the basic student, but the late in study grad student, the student that is from a far-away country, to the student that is going to the university in their proverbial backyard. Plane, trains, and automobiles, all a way for one to enter into a university, well mostly cars, but they all will send you to a close area to the university. These all help us with our daily lives, and help us with attaining higher education.

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