Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 4 Review

Travelpro has been in the luggage industry for almost 30 years. The first rolling luggage provided by Travelpro was devised by a pilot looking for an easier way to carry belongings and overnight articles during flights. The company offers a wide range of excellent quality products including garment bags, suitcases, executive bags, duffles, totes, backpacks and more. It’s currently one of the most popular brands of luggage in the world  and it’s easy to see why.

The Bag

Travelpro Maxlite 4 Expandable

The TravelproMaxlite 4 is made from 100% polyester and features fabric lining, large, robust zipper closures, and measures 21” high, 9” deep, and 14” wide: perfect for overhead compartments on airplanes, or in the passenger seat of the car. It features 360 degree rolling wheels that make getting around the airport or into your hotel a breeze. The telescopic handle extends to 42.5” tall, making this a great bag for anyone of any height. The handle has a patented contour grip which offers even more comfort while making your way through the airport security lines, and it offers a limited lifetime warranty that has your back if something is wrong with your luggage. What’s more, the design of this lightweight travel bag provides even more storage options with a 2” expandable main compartment so you can take even more with you, or take even more home after your adventures. The Maxlite 4 has been designed with a low center of gravity which means it won’t tip over on you no matter how much you jam into the suitcase. It has a full bottom tray which means the wheels remain steady on the go and it has a full-size lid compartment for easy access to documents and chargers, and other small items on the go.

Our Testing

In order to determine if the Maxlite 4 was as great as it claims to be, I took it for a spin on several trips I took recently. I found the bag to be lightweight – so light that I could lift the entire bag with one finger when it was empty. This saves on baggage fees because unlike other bags, most of my baggage weight came from what was inside the bag and not the bag itself. It also meant that I could carry the bag on the airplane with me, which saved me money overall as well. I found the bag fit easily into a normally sized overhead compartment. On an economy flight I took, I had to store the bag under the seat in front of me because the overhead compartment was too small. This seemed to be a problem for a lot of people on the plane though – you get what you pay for with an economy ticket, I guess. Getting on and off the plane was a breeze and the sturdy handle made it easy to pick the bag up to get over the gap between the plane and the walkway leading into the airport. Closing the hand and locking it made it easy to pick up the bag and not feel like it was going to fall apart on me. On another flight, I did check the bag to see how it would hold up against airport security and baggage handling and it came out with a few scuffs on it, but that seems to be the normal with air travel these days. The zippers were intact, and the overall construction of the bag didn’t seem to be compromised. I’ve put bags through security before and got my items back in a garbage bag because my bag busted during travel. So I was relieved to see the Maxlite 4 holds up to going down the carousel.

Our Vote

If you are looking for a great looking travel bag that can get you through a weekend or see you travelling for over a week, the TravelproMaxlite 4 Expandable 21-inch spinner suitcase is a great buy. I found it easy to pack lots of clothes in and it was easy to move around so I could get it in and out of my car easily. I didn’t feel like I was lugging around a hefty piece of luggage, and I enjoyed the clean and modern look of the luggage overall. My vote: get the TravelproMaxlite 4. It’ll take you wherever you want to go in style and will ensure your stuff arrives safely by your side.


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What Is The Best Experience Of Traveling

Have you ever met someone who would not like to explore new places? No individual exists who would hate to admire the beauty of this world. Traveling is among the best pleasures in the world. This is an opportunity to acknowledge new perceptions by valuing the importance that comes from it. Through visiting new places, we get to learn as well as educate ourselves about things in our surroundings. A person could fulfill his dreams just by traveling because he can begin a new life. The only common dream that every individual share with each other is to travel around the whole world only once before they die.And why not? To explore the beauty of this world is a unique experience that nobody can gain without such a chance. If you are given this opportunity just take it and don’t think about it because if you don’t, you will surely regret the fact that you had this chance but you were so dumb to understand its significance your entire life.

Advantages Of travel With College guys 

One of the greatest advantages that come from traveling is the ability to shape our education. Most importantly a student can gain higher studies through this path because he could perceive new cultures. He could gain unique experiences in his research field through putting his knowledge into practice. As well by admiring the culture of those native people, he learns new methods that may be proved useful through life. Everybody has a different kind of thinking and traveling is the best way to make us understand this idea. An individual who may think that he learned to write in the right way, it maybe something distinctive in the other side of the world. In this way, through exploring he gets the chance to further his education and learn a new technique that may also work for him. At the same time, later he may take those ideas to his side of the world and emerge as a new way of thinking. Also, in your field of education, you are capable of learning new skills by gaining an education from two different countries such as the United States and Japan. This is because both people come from different cultures and they both acquired a distinctive education making them unique. In this way, you may first decide to begin your studies in your native country and later transfer to a completely foreign country or travel to this country to begin practicing your education. Here, you will acknowledge the difference between your country and the place you are currently living. All change but this helps in the advancement of our studies.

Importance Of Travel Luggage

best traveling Experience

We are not capable of traveling from one place to another without having our things. The only way we could carry such items with us is through our traveling bags. This is why travel bags are of great significance because even if you travel to a near destination, you have to take you travel bag together. The luggage that you carry values more than anything during traveling, as it has the most important things you may need when reaching the location. All the traveling requirements are worthy for your benefit because if not carried the required elements then this may cause troubles that could affect the travel process. It is quite important to take with us our necessary documentations such as passport, visa, cards, ID as well as basic needs that are necessary for the way. However, if we don’t value the significance of travel bags, then we cannot shift things from one place to another. That’s why everyone you perceive on the airport walks with their luggage, and nobody comes without a bag. We should all give equal value to this transportation equipment because how useful it is.

Security Of  Tourist

Throughout the Travel Risk Management, an individual could care for himself in the case of an emergency or terrorist attack. Within a provider, help is immediately reached to you as soon as the person asks for help. Within technology, this has been more than easy to provide benefits such as safety, security as well as for health care. This is considered the fastest way in order something unfortunate happens during traveling. However, there is nothing to panic as this company works basically to maintain a secure place for everyone. The TRM provides a new life to anyone who faces insecurity’s troubles. This is because while traveling we are not concerned about what would happen in the way and sometimes we get afraid of the many risks that may come along with traveling. This is sometimes considered the reason why most people don’t travel because they are afraid something may happen them in the way. But through TRM, this is the least we should concern ourselves with, as there is someone who is watching us all the way as well as concerned about our safety by protecting us. At any occasion it does not matter if you are facing health problems or safety, this company is there as soon as asked for help.

Experience Of Students While Study Tour 

While a student travel, he gains more and more education through the whole way. It is a positive impact because the student’s life completely changes. The intensity of acquiring more knowledge leads him to continue the path due to the interest involved with it. During this age, the acquiring of education becomes a necessity for every student. To be capable enough, traveling is such a good chance because it does not only give us the advantage to perceive amazing places but also you gain knowledge that later becomes a passion. At the same time, traveling is the best way to learn because when we explore new things, we never forget the experience that comes along with it. In this way, it converts into lifetime memory that we share with the once interested in also gaining knowledge. This makes us concentrate only on the most important things while we travel by already considering what to explore.

If you want to spend your journey happily, it is essential that you concern yourself with which things are considered restricted items that we are not allowed to take with us while traveling. When flying, you should prohibit yourself to take alcohol, drugs, pets or their products, fruits and vegetables, gold, firearms, plants and seeds, cutters, lighters or any weapon. This is for our safety as if someone brings such items could be to harm people in public or try to attack someone. And to prevent such cases, it is quite important that we follow the same rule as others to keep everyone safe. In specific cases, the airline staff may make exceptions for the individual due to his disability or other medical needs. At the same time, some of the things that people should always carry while traveling are clothes, documentations, shoes, underwear, sunglasses, cell phone and charger, travel apps for the help of language, directions, and money conversion, toiletry bag, first aid kit, medications and some cash. These items are basic needs that you will surely need while traveling but in case you need something else add all the possible things to make your trip smooth and best.

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The Different Sizes Airplane Luggage

                       The Three Common Airplane Luggage Sizes

Traveling across the world is a better way to broaden your mind and gain knowledge about other destinations, people, and cultures; however this is always a great adventure when you have appropriate equipment for that. Based on how many things you are going to carry, how long you are going to stay or where you are heading to, it is significant to choose right luggage that meets your requirements. These things will determine which size of luggage is a better pick for your travel.

Before buying luggage, you should have a firm idea of what you exactly want to use it for. When you travel only occasionally and possibly won’t carry lot things along with you, it does not make any sense to invest in a huge set that will never be used. On the other side, when you often travel but just take a carry-on, you must know what size luggage you want for overhead compartment suggestions. There are huge other things to consider, while the size of any piece of luggage will make you know where it could go on the plane. Let’s check out the three common luggage sizes to carry onto the airplane.

 Luggage Size To Be Kept Under The SeatAirplane luggage

Small bags, typically no bigger than a smaller backpack or a medium sized pack, will perfectly fit under the seat before you. Most airplanes only enable one carry-on per individual; however that doesn’t comprise of a purse or smaller bag containing personal stuff for men. Some luggage collections come with the small bag that appears as it is of a size of a purse that can be used for passports, charging cables, wallets, boarding passes and more. If you think about taking something to keep under the seat, keep in mind that it has to be quite small and not larger than women’s large handbag.

 Overhead Compartment

If you plan to carry your belongings on the airplane in a rolling luggage or duffle bag, you need to ensure that it complies with the parameters of the overhead compartment. Luggage that suits into an overhead can yet hold a decent amount of clothing and most people feel they don’t want to check a bag when their trip is only for few days. Most overhead compartments of airplanes hold luggage of size up to 21 inches. Any further size than that and the best flight attendant is about to approach you and tell that the bag need Under seat travel luggageto check, and you would even charge for it. Ensure measuring your case well in advance of carrying it on an airplane and verify the permitted carry-on dimensions of the airline you are going to travel.
Do not blindly rely on the manufactured specifications and make certain that your measurements including wheels and other fixed handles attached with the bag. When you don’t include those things, your carry-on may still result in baggage land. Additionally, when you try measuring properly, you want to take into considerable the bag size if it is expanded. Few bags tend to fit well while in compact mode; however will be too bigger once the expansion gets zipped out.

 Checked Baggage

Based on the airplane, anything that is above 21 inches is sure to end up in the plane’s baggage area. If you want to carry that much things to check it, and you will find it at baggage claim the sooner you arrive. Checked baggage is divided into different categories according to the size. While something larger than 21 inches has to get into baggage, luggage that adds up to above 63 inches in height, depth, and width are considered excess in size, and that will cost you more. What if your luggage adds up to more than 80 inches totally? Some airlines will not even want it to check. That luggage would have to be traveled only by private means.

Aware of the size

The rates dealing with checking bags are normally more enough to convince people to pack lighter stuff, or, at the minimum, pack everything into the smaller bag if possible. There may also be times while you cannot avoid the use of larger suitcase. In such cases try to check with the airline you are going to make the journey after you measure the size.

Size guide for wheeled luggageMens bag for travel abroad

Wheeled luggage is ideal pieces for those people who are seeking for a small and wheeled luggage to bring on to the plane. The majority of the wheeled tote will be suitable for the seat and also small enough to lift inside and out quickly from the overhead storage bins. The wheeled totes can hold magazines, books, a single change of clothes and several other smaller items that you wish to carry along on the plane.

 18 to 20 Inches Carry-on Luggage

Luggage of this size is considered as the global carry-on size since they are permitted as a carry-on for many of the international flights. They are also perfect or trips of one to two days since they have packing space for some outfits, toiletries and a pair of shoes.

 21 to 22 inches carry-on luggage

These are the most famous sizes of carry-on luggage for domestic flights of US. Most of the US airlines have certain carry-on restrictions of 45 linear inches. These are the suitable size for weekend trips or business travelers since most pieces of luggage of these sizes have either a removable or fold able garment sleeve that can carry one dress or suit and has enough space. Many others also have expansion feature that facilitates for an additional two to four inches of packing capacity, however when expanded these sizes would surpass the carry-on restrictions and have to be checked.

 23 to 24 Inches Small Checked Luggage

These sizes are prevalent for travelers seeking for a lighter, smaller option of luggage. These pieces are very large to carry on the place but are suitable for making trips for three to five days.

 25 to 27 Inches Checked Luggage

These sizes are appropriate for trips for five to seven days, based on how you are packing stuff. They contain large room for multiple outfits, toiletries and shoes because this size luggage you will get at least 8 pockets to carry your things easily

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Luggage Brands

     Luggage Brands- What’s In a Label?

Leading a well-traveled and adventurous life starts with luggage. Purchasing a new gear could be a money-saver in the future whenever you are about to make a long distant travel. However, toting the proper kind of luggage to meet the luggage rules of current-day will aid you great in avoiding additional rates and allow you to adhere to carry-on restrictions as well as check-in weight limitations. But, sorting out which is the right luggage to buy is not difficult. With a myriad of sizes, price and styles to compare, the process can be quite overwhelming. To guide you make right luggage buying decision, a review about some popular luggage brands discussed here and you can check these descriptions before you shop.


You would probably have found Rockland in your favorite department stores as it really among best luggage brands. Rockland is a subsidiary of Fox luggage that is specialized in making stylish bags withRockland luggage brand function and form. Almost all the makes and models of Rockland luggage are capable of catching the user’s eye with their shiny and hard colored cells. There are many sizes from which you need to choose. The stunning bags of Rockland brand meet the complete airline requirements, and thus, it will be easily suitable for the overhead bin. You will find roomy compartments, plenty of space and luxurious lining for all that you want for your short trip.


Samsonite is the great overall luggage brand for any average shopper having a modest budget. The reputation of this brand leads existing and potential customers to trust in the brand’s dedication Samsonite luggage brandto producing best quality luggage. This is the one brand that dominates the luggage industry due to one simple fact that it makes exceptional luggage for the price. This luggage brand is also a right choice if you think about buying a suitcase with a hard case for some reasons. The Samsonite luggage is made of materials and comes with features that make it the best option for travelers. This is a hard case luggage produced from hundred percentages polycarbonate, which makes it a case that is weatherproof, durable and highly resistant to different impacts.


Delsey brand has been an industry-dominating innovator, featuring advancements in its products like hand extensions, wheels, durable materials and updated designs. Delsey luggage isDelsey luggage brand worth its price due to the superior quality, its functional and sleek design and also for it’s lightweight and completely fab portability. Luggage of this brand is strong, stylish and lightweight. All Delsey luggage come with a 10-year warranty, and they are sold at most of the stores and the company’s website as well. There are vast styles to choose from that can certainly make any trip incredibly perfect.

American Tourister

You will never go wrong if you pick something from American Tourister. Among American tourister luggageother best luggage brands, this one is known for making high-quality luggage for many decades and of course, continues till today. When you need luggage with function and style and also the one that can last longer than the duration of your vacation, then this is the brand of your choice. This brand also offers the latest in durable, lightweight luggage. As it is completely expandable, you can pick up all your keepsakes for the trip, without the need to leave behind something.

Briggs & Riley

Luggage, for certain people, is all about quality and performance. Knowing that,Briggs & Riley Luggage Brand whenever they leave for a trip, the luggage that they carry performs work as required. If you are of same type, luggage from Briggs & Riley brand is worth having a serious consideration. Being a reputed brand, Briggs & Riley is highly focused on making luggage and especially, only luggage, that caters to the requirements of their customers. Consumers will find particular attention to quality and functional detail with the luggage of Briggs and Riley brand. In fact, the brand’s mission is to offer best luggage experience for customers, updating their lines continually as the client wants to evolve.


When you had to leave for a trip with all kinds of dress clothes in the haul, the Wallybags Luggage Brandhardest part was carrying the large garment bag that was typically bigger than you are. You would have even tried to put your important dress clothes in the suitcase and end up getting wrinkled. The WallyBags additional capacity garment bag comes with pockets that offer a great alternative to the large garment bag that you used already. While this one is still bigger, it delivers excellent solutions that get increased over the old models.

US Traveler

The US Traveler luggage set is an ideal luggage collection of everyday travelers.UStraveler They are durable thanks to the seventy percentages polyester make and thirty percentages dobby fabric. The large capacity bodies enable the consumers to organize their things properly in the bag that meets the demands of today’s highly active business as well as adventurers. The US Traveler luggage brand has a clean and tailored appearance due to the dobby construction. It also comes featured with an add-a-bag strap that conveniently facilitates the customer to carry extra bag also. The US Traveler luggage set is the best set of bags known for being lightweight, sturdy and also cheap regarding cost.


Olympia is an American best luggage brand known for its affordable price range.Olympia luggage brand You can trust over the brand’s exacting standards to offer the great possible brands for the price. Being popular for casual luggage, this brand does not take its consumers casually. Olympia Luggage is stylish and strong and will be perfect for the distance. The most popular line of this brand is Tuscany. It is a soft-sided line that is available in many desirable sizes. Bags from this brand combine style with convenience, and it performs. When you are seeking for a versatile soft-sided bag that complies with all your requirements, check no further than Olympia luggage.

Beverly Hills Country Club and Traveler’s Choice

Luggage of Beverly Hills Country Club is perfect for even those who are the clumsiestBeverlyHillsCountryClubLogo travelers. If you are searching for luggage that might work like a fortress against your accidental punishment, you will find luggage from Beverly Hills Country Club to be the most suitable choice. Hard cases certainly have shells that cover the complete exterior of the suitcase and are quite more difficult to damage. On using this luggage, you will figure out that regardless of how hard you hit a part of your luggage over door frames or other unintentionally; hard cases will always perform their best to endure the beatings.

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Weight and Looks

     What to Think About Weight and Look?

Summer is approaching and for most of us, that indicates there could be some trips in the weeks ahead. While hauling travel bags and walking along busy airports and terminals could be a hassle, the best way to make things simpler is using suitcases that are easy to handle and durable. Among essential requirements, while choosing carry-on, vast and midsize luggage were wheel ability. Durability that takes into account handles, zippers and the type of fabric among many other things, was the only greatest predictor of the complete satisfaction. Above everything, the most important deciding factor that plays a significant role in choosing a right airplane luggage is weight and its look. Weight and appearance have to be taken into account absolutely while you are choosing luggage and there are many reasons why it is so.

Dent-ability and Durability

One of the cosmetic issues to be given importance while you are trying to determine what type of luggage to buy is the exterior’s durability. You might be someone who doesn’t care how your luggage appears if it’s sturdy enough and carries your things without the need to leave them behind, but there are huge others who cares much about aesthetics. It is due to this reason luggage which shows dings, dents and scratches are obviously not something they would feel good about.
Cases, which come with exteriors that are highly rigid but not completely reliable, such as Tumi carry on luggage and Rockland Melbourne set, are likely to show dents and dings. Also, cases which come in light colors like yellows can grab more dirt at the exterior when they go through a little bit of mishandling. This would certainly not bother you; however it would feel awkward to others.
Luggage brand like US Traveler Rio carry-on luggage collection has a history of displaying some markings over lighter colors. This is not a preferable option for other taking into account plenty of other cases which do not have this sort of issue.

Business considerations

Those travelers who make frequent trips for business purposes, the look and weight of a suitcase really matters to some extent. You do not need to be seen anything lugging a not so good gym bag around, which is full of business suits. Business luggage should look organized and streamlined without a whole lot of extras. Cases, such as the Travelpro Maxlite 2 have compact and refined business look that is usually needed for people who tend to travel often to various destinations.

Streamlined or more refined, what to prefer?

If you have ever experienced standing for baggage claim, you would had probably found a large series of dark blue, black and gray luggage that all look organized and refined. It is due to this reason; it can be tricky to find which one is yours among the bags of over two hundred other people who are searching for their suitcases. While business luggage would assist you to look professional while you are checking into a hotel, this professionalism will put you spending additional time while you try to leave the airport.

Easy to locate

If you do wish to enjoy the comfort of being able to locate your luggage halfway across the airport, you must look for bright colored options. There are various types of them available, and luggage like American Tourister in bright red is the right choice. The other option is Rockland Melbourne hard side luggage set that comes in plenty of colors and also in different textures.

Make it light

Take into consideration that the things you carry in your luggage have the ability to be heavy. Thus you don’t need to add much more weight because of the bag. Lightweight options such as Delsey Luggage Helium Aero can offer you hard side and polycarbonate protection, while not resulting more weight to an already packed case. Rolling bags would be great for you; however rolling bags, which are too heavy to be moved in and out of the vehicle, are of no help.

Spend time and decide

Overall, there is much more to consider while deciding to tumi bagsbuy luggage than simply looking at whether or not it carries your clothes. For some people, the appearance matter. For most of the employers, your look is a great deal and thus, they rely on first impression all the way down to your luggage. The weight must also be considered, particularly when you are accountable for getting in and out the car or overheads. Though lighter is better, but reliable and sturdy is paramount. Determine what you can carry comfortably, but ensure your lightweight luggage won’t fly away by getting broken easily.

Now that you have had an insight of what to think about look and weight of your luggage, it is time to decide the right one for you. All that you need to do is determining what type of a traveler you are. Check out whether you travel light or if you carry more things. These considerations must help to know your traveler type. For instance, if you are a type of light traveler, which means that you don’t want many things, you wish to travel light. On the contrary, when you want to carry more things, opt for larger luggage. If you are certain that you would not take your stuff out your luggage while making a trip, the smarter solution is choosing hard case luggage since it will make your clothes less damaged by impacts caused by transportation.

If you want to organize your things and segregate them, you must check the best brand for luggage having an amazing pocket organization, however, be cautious, so you do not get lost in those pockets. When it comes to whether you want to push or pull your luggage, you should check for handles in your luggage. Try them and check whether they are convenient enough, since you are going to either carry or pull luggage with them. Get the best use of this guide to choose luggage that meets your need on weight and looks.

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Hardside vs. Softside Luggage

If you are in the market to buy a new luggage, you must decide between the two major types you are likely to discover. You should determine whether you would want soft side luggage or the molded hard-side luggage that are quite popular recently. As they both are really great options, you will almost feel overwhelmed before arriving at the buying decision. To stay cool while buying your desired luggage for travel, whether soft or hard case luggage, you must try exploring the perks and drawbacks of both the types. This article will discuss hard side versus soft side luggage that will guide in your purchasing decision.

Soft-sided luggage, though, continues to lead the market, the hard-sided counterpart is quickly gaining popularity due to lightweight and newer materials. The samsonite

Soft-sided luggage

Soft-sided luggage is typically of fabrics that can move and stretchy, normally a woven nylon fabric, like ballistic nylon or Cordura. Ballistic is the smooth and shinier of the two and ReinforcedShellswith the course of time, it can abrade, however, abrasions won’t compromise the fabric’s strength. Cordura is a bit softer as well as abrasion-resistant, suitable for over-the-shoulder bags. When you consider a luggage made of ripstop nylon or of parachute material, ensure that it is a more denier fabric. Fabric denier indicates the measurement if weight and not the quality.

Perks– Normally lighter in weight and flexible, the major benefit of soft-sided luggage is that they can easily fit tight spaces like Samsonite lift spinner.This flexibility allows squeezing in an additional outfit. In addition, a yielding material might be a great difference placing the bag on board and getting it regulated to gate-check. The fabric flexibility also becomes handy while packing a car and storing bag.

 Drawbacks-Not as shielded as hard-sided and prone to ripping if not the best quality.

Hard-sided luggage

Nowadays, hard-sided or hard-shell luggage is produced using high-tech plastics like polycarbonate and ABS, which are both durable and lightweight. ABS is considered as the lightest, however, polycarbonate is quite durable. The heaviest, but also the most durable, is aluminum. Hard-sided luggage also features 50/50 split opening sometimes, enabling you to pack doubleSamsoniteHardcase sides equally and to stabilize the content with a middle divider or an x-strap. As most of the hard-sided luggage close like a clam shell, you would want double the surface space for opening these. Many of the hard-sided luggage are built this manner, but there are few in the market with the top lid opening.It has reviews about brand Rockland Melbourne 3 Piece Luggage of hard-case luggage.

Parks– Perfect for protecting breakable content, hard-sided luggage delivers better security because of the integrated locks. They can never rip open with a blade or something else. The majority of the composite plastic hard-sides gets closer using a zipper that can be vulnerable, but aluminum luggage usually comes with a metal draw-bolt latches rather than zippers. In addition, hard-sided luggage gets stacked easily, which makes it unique for cruise ships. If you are about to overpack, a hard-sided one will definitely rein you in. There is no possibility of over-stuffing. For carry-on, it assures that the piece will suit in the luggage sizer of your airline.

Cons– Hard-sided luggage scuffs and easily gets scratches and inflexible as well, hence you cannot squeeze anything additional. You want a fixed storage space. Some, hard-sided luggage has pockets outside as well.

Having discussed the basic details of soft-sided and hard sided luggage along with the pros and cons of both the types, let’s now check the performance of both soft and hard-sided luggage based on different aspects like durability, functionality, lightweight, appearance and price.There are also have first class hard-side luggage sets that just have reviews with elite luggage.


If you purchase an average quality bag, the material required to make both soft side and hard side luggage nowadays is quite difficult. The polycarbonate shells requireddsc08987 for making hard side luggage, while the ballistic nylon weave for soft side luggage has revolutionized the production of luggage in the recent years.

However, you should also look beyond the material of bag and pay closer attention to quality and the craftsmanship. It is of no use if the shell of your luggage can withstand even an elephant weight when the zipper breaks, your telescoping handle malfunction or the stitching of a seam gets ripped. You should take into account that wheels, zippers, and handles are where the majority of luggage troubles occur, thus buying an overall best-quality bag should be your good durability insurance in the long run.


This exactly represents whether the bag performs what you want it to do. Checking whether you need pockets, deciding the size of luggage based on your needs, choosing between two-wheel and four-wheel, thinking whether you would stick a bag over top, determining whether telescoping handle is the proper height for you and every other item that makes a bag suitable for you.

No matter, good or bad, here are few things you should remember while choosing a soft side or hard side luggage.

  • For carry-on luggage, most people prefer opting for soft side luggage since it has exterior pockets (hard-side is only a molded shell). Your carry-on spends more hours being your faithful companion in-flight and terminals and you want quick access to the complete stuff that will make your travel comfortable, like documents, reading the material, mobile devices, water bottle, glasses, tissues, etc.
  • Few hard sides are quite more rounded over the top that feels sleek, but could make it tough to stack small bag over the top.


Maintaining the weight of luggage to a minimum is a great deal, both for your own personal comfort and airline weight fees while traveling. There is a great buzz around lightweight of polycarbonate materials utilized in most of the hard side luggage recently and it is actually true. Hardside luggage is incredibly light as comparable to old and heavy plastic luggage that most of you would get as graduation gifts a few years back. The molded polycarbonates are extremely tough, light and come in cool designs and colors. However, you should not fool yourself into thinking they are lighter than that of soft-sided counterpart available today.


There are several choices available for pattern, texture, and color, beyond the basic and typical black bag. Hardside luggage tends to win this aspect, as polycarbonate can be molded and created with ideal colors and patterns fairly simple.Most of the extremely lightweight, harder nylon weaves being made nowadays for soft side bags don’t adapt themselves to variation in colors.


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